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Jimmy is one of the world’s most respected shapers and no other person has revolutionized every sport he has been involved in the way he has.


Jimmy started building surfboards in 1968 and has been on the leading edge of board design ever since. He lives and breathes the aloha spirit and has helped dozens of other shapers with his technical expertise.


Jimmy Lewis boards are built exclusively in the famous Kinetic factory, not in China or Thailand where many other brands are made. Jimmy’s quality and finishing is the standard to which all other boards are compared. Finishing and quality control sets the world standards due to highly trained workers with a dedication to quality. Each and every board is carefully inspected and weighed before packaging and is guaranteed to be 100% flawless!


Directly by Jimmy Lewis words “I’ve been shaping and building boards for over 47 years and I’ve got it down. My record in the surfboard, windsurf, kiteboard and standup market has proven this. I not only can shape but I can glass and build any type of board, start to finish in any type of construction.Actually shape boards by hand with a Skil 100 planer, unlike many “new” manufacturers, who have never seen the inside of a shaping room, and learned their “skills” with computer software. The only thing that a CNC machine guarantees is that the shaped blank comes out symmetrical – garbage in, garbage out. All of the plugs that I give to Kinetic to produce my boards off of are shaped, glassed and sanded to perfection by me, no one else is involved. In all my years of shaping, I’ve never stooped to producing boards just for the sake of the market or for the sake of changing something for the next season. I change or add boards to my line when it’s necessary to improve it or when the sport evolves and needs another design. I never do gimmick shapes that will be here this season and gone or obsolete the next. Most of my shapes are timeless – take the Cruise Control standup board for example. That was the second model in my standup line and to this day is still better than any other model in the same class (all around) on the market today.

Jimmy Lewis style’s is to do functional designs, and that involves a flow and blend of all the curves and contours of the shape. Those being the outline, the rocker line, the deck line and thickness flow, the bottom shape, the deck shape and the rail shape. When all these curves blend and flow together you get the golden ratio and are able to come up with that golden ratio a lot more often than most other board makers. All of these shape factors determine not only how a board goes through the water, but also how stable it is, and how easy or difficult it will be to paddle into a wave, or how it handles choppy water. It’s not just about how many liters a board displaces. My boards have better stability and paddle smoother and with less effort than many other boards with more volume or size, because of the golden ratio in their shape “

Jimmy Lewis best surfboards on the planet !