The Sidewinder is one of the most innovative Jimmy Lewis Sup Race boards. The board’s nose has a rounded rocker line which allows it to quickly enter the water both in choppy and flat water conditions.

In downwind conditions the Sidewinder is the board you have always wanted to surf with. It is easy to handle and it is very responsive. These features will make it easy for the paddler to surf immediately any kind of waves.

In upwind conditions this very flexible board goes with the wave’s pace. In this way, it allows the paddler to paddle strongly and never losing the board’s speed.

It’s its responsiveness that makes the Sidewinder such a competitive board. Indeed, it can rapidly change its pace and it is able to glide along every kind of conditions.

It’s a very well designed and balanced board. Its most extreme size (14’ x 23’’) is easy to handle and to surf, too.

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